LIQUID ADHESIVE lasting 1-2 weeks is indicated for placing hair prostheses, wigs, false eyebrows, etc. for no longer than 2 weeks in optimal situations. This adhesive is special for the skin and can use it continuously as much as you need. Allowing you to have a waterproof effect so it resists moisture, water, sweating, make a daily life. Its color is clear and dry within minutes, so it can be perfectly applied without being an expert. I just distribute it with a brush on the surface of the skin and / or base of the capillary system and after a few seconds places, and press. To remove past few weeks just you need to peel it off the skin gently using our cleaning fluids and solvents adhesive you can find in our online store.

  • 24 - 48 H
  • Hasta 15 días

LIQUID ADHESIVE Denture Capilares | 1-2 weeks

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