The wig PIXIE is a short, cool hairstyle with frayed fringes and a tight nape for a casual, flattering look. It is made of Synthetic Hair so it is always ready to wear. It is made with a monofilament crown for naturalness and the rest is machine made with velvety fabrics to add volume and allow for ventilation. The colour always contains different shades and highlights combined with each other to look more natural.

Take care of it with our products for synthetic hair that you can find on this website to keep it always soft and in good condition.

COLOR MOSTRADO: Pastelblonde mix
  • Sintético
  • Estandar54-56 cm contorno
  • Medio
  • Médica, Oncológica y piel sensible
  • Máquina + monofilamento en coronilla
  • No resiste calor
  • 3-5 dias
  • Mantenimiento en casa
  • Cuidado con productos  para cabello sintético y mezcla
  • No admite tinte
  • No permite aplicar productos químicos

Synthetic Wig PIXIE

  • Espresso rooted
  • Chocolate mix
  • Aubergine mix
  • Hot flame rooted
  • Mocca rooted
  • Sand multi rooted
  • Light caramel rooted
  • Champagne rooted
  • Pastel blonde mix
  • Platin blonde mix

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