The GINGER SMALL Wig is made of Synthetic Hair, so it is always ready to wear and maintains its style after washing by simply letting it air dry. The base of the wig has the crown area handmade hair by hair, so it simulates the birth of the hair from your own skin and also incorporates a transparent lace front so you can wear your hair undetectably removed from your face. The rest of the base is machine-made with fine velvety seams that facilitate ventilation. It is a small size for heads with a circumference of 51-53 cm.

Wash and care for it with the specific products for Synthetic Hair that you can find on our website. Don't forget to wash your own hair and scalp with the products we recommend to strengthen them.

  • Sintético
  • Talla pequeña 51-53 cm  contorno
  • Medio
  • Cualquiera con lace frontal
  • Médica, Oncológica y piel sensible
  • Combina a máquina con monofilamento en coronilla y lace frontal
  • No resiste calor
  • 3-5 dias
  • Mantenimiento en casa
  • Cuidado con productos  para cabello sintético y mezcla
  • No admite tinte
  • No permite aplicar productos químicos

Synthetic Wig GINGER SMALL

  • Coffe brown mix
  • Chocolate mix
  • Bernstein mix
  • Sand mix
  • Champagne mix
  • Smoke mix
  • Stone grey mix
  • Pearl mix
  • White mix

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