We have made for you a selection of the essentials you will need to care for your natural hair wig. Our products for washing and care have the quality and ingredients you need to keep it in perfect condition for a long time. Follow the steps below to use the cosmetics we have listed in order, and always remember these tips: Use cold water. Massage gently without rubbing. Untangle with the special brush before, during and after washing. Consult our team if in doubt or if you want to change the colour.

1. HUMAN HAIR CREAM SHAMPOO 200 ml: Its ingredients gently wash while caring for the wig's natural hair.

2. ABSOLUT REPAIR MASK 200 ml: This intensive repairing cream restores natural hair to softness, shine and health. Apply from mid-lengths to ends without touching the hair roots. Leave on for 5-10 minutes and rinse.

3. 2 in 1 CONDITIONING SPRAY 200 ml: Ideal for detangling just before styling. Spray and distribute throughout the hair without touching the roots.

4. NYLON WIG CAP: Accessory to be placed under the wig, it protects the scalp from rubbing against the wig, prevents the base of the wig from getting dirty quickly due to perspiration and favours hold.

5. LOOP BRUSH: Its looped tines gently untangle without damaging the base of the wig.

6. WIG STAND: Used to ler you wig air dry after it has been washed, so that air can pass through so that the fabrics can dry properly. It can also be used to rest your wig on every day when you are resting it so that it can be aired inside and not get dishevelled or lose its shape.

If your wig is handmade, has a monofilament top of part, we recommend that you purchase our "wig head and suction cup holder" available on our website, that way you will wash your wig on the polyfoam head and it will stay in perfect condition, avoiding hairloss during the washes.

  • 24 - 48 H


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