We have made for you a selection of the most essential things you will need to take care of your human hair topper. Our products for washing and care have the quality and the necessary ingredients to keep it in perfect condition for a long time. Follow the steps below to use the cosmetics we have listed in order, and always remember these tips: Use cold water if you wear it with clips, or not too hot if you wear it fixed. Massage gently without rubbing. Untangle with the special brush before, during and after washing. Consult our team if in doubt or if you wish to change the colour.

1. HUMAN HAIR CREAM SHAMPOO 200 ml: Its ingredients gently wash while caring for the natural hair of the capillary system.

2. ABSOLUT REPAIR MASK 200 ml: This intensive repair cream restores natural hair to softness, shine and health. Apply from mid-lengths to ends without touching the hair roots. Leave on for 5-10 minutes and rinse.

3. CONDITIONING SPRAY 2 IN 1 200 ml: Intensive repair spray that quickly detangles and restores hair to softness, shine and health. Spray and distribute throughout the hair without touching the roots before regular styling. To be applied wet.

4. THERMAL CREAM THERMAL PROTECTOR 140 ml: Indispensable to protect natural hair from dehydration caused by blow-drying and ironing during styling. To be applied wet.

5. SMOOTH SILK POLISH SERUM 50ml: Concentrated emulsion to be applied to the ends that reduces dryness and breakage and gives the hair a silky feel. Can be applied wet or dry.

6. LOOP BRUSH: Its looped bristles gently untangle without damaging the base of the hair system.

If your topper is handmade, with monofilament or front lace, and you use it to put it on and take it off with the clips, it will be advisable to acquire our "head for prosthesis and suction cup" available in our accessories, that way you will wash your hair system on the support and it will be kept in perfect condition.

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