The Human Hair Eyebrowns NICOLE are made on an ultra thin transparent silicone base where the hair is inserted one by one to simulate that it comes out of your own skin, which makes them totally undetectable. They come in a transparent skin-coloured bag so you can see them before uncovering them and decide if the colour and shape are right for you. Also, as they are Human Hair, we can customise the colour to your taste if you don't find yours in our colour chart. The shape of the base can also be modified with small manicure scissors.  

The method of application is very simple:

  1. We clean the skin thoroughly with soap and water.
  2. Once we have dried our skin, we apply the liquid adhesive both on the base of the eyebrow and on our skin. We can use cotton swabs to make it easier to spread the adhesive.
  3. We place the eyebrows without pressing on the skin so that we can move them and place them in the most favourable place. When we have them in the ideal place, we press on them with our fingertips to fix them. It is advisable to wait approximately 30 minutes before going outside and start sweating so that the adhesive can dry completely. You can choose the liquid adhesive of the duration you prefer (from one or two weeks to one month).

To remove them, clean the base and your skin, use our dermal adhesive solvent. Remember to always remove them gently and using our solvent to avoid breakage.

  • Natural Estándar
  • Monofilamento en Derma-Skin
  • 24 - 48 H
  • Mantenimiento en casa
  • Permite tinte

Human Hair Eyebrows NICOLE

€62.74 €78.43 -20%
  • Dark Brown
  • Medium Brown
  • Light Brown
  • Dark Blonde

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