This 2-in-1 Shampoo, Mask and Conditioning Spray Kit is specifically created to care for the human hair of any hair system, wig or topper. Its ingredients gently wash and protect the quality of the hair to keep it looking beautiful for a long time. Its pleasant scent lasts until the next wash, making your hair system much more pleasant to use.

The instructions for use are very simple:

1st To wash your hair system, if it is made at the seams: fill cold water in a container and pour a little shampoo before introducing the product into the water and massaging it without rubbing to drag the dirt out of the hair. Then rinse.

To wash your product, if it is handmade or has monofilament areas: place it on our cork head support, soak the hair in cold water and apply a small amount of shampoo with your hands and massage it without rubbing to drag the dirt out of the hair.

2nd Once the hair system has been rinsed, dry it with a towel and apply the mask from means to ends, never on the roots or the seams, and leave it on for 10 minutes. Rinse afterwards.

3rd After towel drying the hair gently, place the piece on a stand and spray the conditioning spray from mid-lengths to ends, brush the hair to distribute the product evenly and proceed with the drying and styling as you wish.

  • 24 - 48 H

Human Hair WIGS & TOPPERS Care Kit

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