The ANTI STATIC Spray for Heat-Friendly Synthetic Hair and DUO Hair is formulated so that you can modify the hairstyle and texture of Heat-Friendly Synthetic Hair and DUO Hair without damaging it and without generating static electricity so that you can obtain an infinite number of looks with the same Hair System.

How to use is very simple:

  1. Wash your Hair System with the specific products for Synthetic Hair or DUO Hair;
  2. Remove excess water with a towel;
  3. Apply ANTI STATIC Spray section by section to the hair;
  4. When still wet, style hair with a flat iron or curling iron as desired;
  5. The new hairstyle will stay in place after washing until you modify it again.
200 ml
  • 24 - 48 H

ANTI STATIC Spray for Synthetic Heat-Friendly and DUO Hair

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