This head strong> Porex is suitable for placing wigs and hair prostheses that can hold them to comb and wash them. And of course also use it if you have turbans and scarves and want to place them there so they do not crinkle or deformed. Span> p>


Use pins to hold the edges of your wig, hairpiece, or hair prosthesis to the head and can do her hair dryer, iron, put curlers .... depending on the type of hair you have purchased. Span> p>


And so you can drain the water just after washing your use Product Support wig let inside the air, too you can find it in the same online. Store span> p>


the head can fix it with the suction cup head to find this website. (VENTOSA NOT INCLUDED) p>


You can request assistance through the Customer Care with WhatsApp: +34 629 42 60 98 span> p>

  • 24 - 48 H

Head for wigs, prostheses and Bandanas


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