This kit Shampoo, Balsam and Conditioner Spray is specifically created to care for the natural hair of any capillary system, wig or prosthesis. Its ingredients washed gently and protect the quality of the hair to be retained pretty much time

The usage is very simple.

1 to clean your product, if done seams, put cold water in a bowl and pour some shampoo before introducing the product in water without rubbing and massaging to drag dirt from the hair. Then rinse.

To clean your product, if done by hand or have areas of monofilament, place it on our support, soak in cold water your product and apply with hands one small amount of shampoo and drag massage without rubbing dirt from the hair.

2nd Once cleared his piece, apply some balm . Then rinse.

3rd After drying in a towel gently hair, place the piece on a stand and spray the spray conditioner . Brush gently once is only slightly damp

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Wash and care kit Natural Hair


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