Wig BEYONNCE have long hair smooth layered parades and a flattering fringe, made of fiber-range, the entire wig base is comfortable finish machined with the area stripe natural hand-made effect. You can find it available in several all very natural colors. Have all colors photographed in the gallery and then select them from the drop down list you want.

LA MAISON OF HAIR we offer wigs like this that besides being economic are fantastic in their colorations, silky and easy to comb. Become already yours!

Wash it and cherish it with our products that we recommend for hair fiber and can be found at this website.

COLOR MOSTRADO: La modelo lleva el color 4
  • Estandar54-56 cm contorno
  • Medio
  • No resiste calor
  • 24 - 48 H
  • Mantenimiento en casa
  • Cuidado con productos  para cabello sintético y mezcla
  • No admite tinte
  • No permite aplicar productos químicos

Synthetic Wig BEYONNCE | Delivery in 24-48 hours

€43.97 €123.97 -€80.00
  • 1
  • 4
  • 6
  • 8
  • 10
  • 16
  • 613
  • TT4-27
  • TT4-30
  • F10/16
  • F12/16-613
  • F24/613
  • F4/P27

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