ABBEY is made of both natural and synthetic hair. This makes the wig very soft, elegant and easy to take care of. You won't have to do anything but wash it, let it dry and shake it for it to get its shape and hairstyle back. It combines the advantages of both types of hair, except you will not need to brush and style it every day as you do with 100% natural hair wigs. The base is very thin because it is handmade, allowing you to enjoy its comfort and lightness - that is why it is considered medical and aesthetic. Take care of it and wash it with the accessories and specific products for synthetic hair that you'll find in our online store.

  • Mezcla cabello sintético y natural
  • Estandar54-56 cm contorno
  • Medio
  • Hecha a mano 100% monofilamento
  • Médica, Oncológica y piel sensible
  • Secador o plancha hasta 160 grados
  • 3-5 dias
  • Mantenimiento en casa
  • Cuidado con productos  para cabello sintético y mezcla
  • No admite tinte
  • No permite aplicar productos químicos

Mix wig ABBEY

  • Black
  • Dark Brown
  • Medium Brown
  • Light Brown
  • Dark Blond
  • Medium Blond
  • Light Blond
  • Vanilla Butter
  • Ginger Cream
  • Mocha Frost
  • Almond Breeze
  • Frosted
  • Cinnamon Raissin
  • Chocolate Caramel
  • Amaretto and Cream Rooted
  • Golden Nutmeg Rooted
  • Creamed Coffee Rooted
  • Toasted Sesame Rooted
  • Sparkling Champagne Rooted
  • Chocolate Cherry Rooted
  • Dark Red
  • Lighter Red
  • Dark Grey
  • Medium Grey
  • Light Grey
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