Natural Wig EVA is made of natural hair with style hair cut at the height of the neck, which can comb easily with your fingers. Making its base is complete machine made with seams fine that let the air so you do not need to make the line, you just have to take the informal hair.

Take care and wash with products and natural hair accessories you can find in this website.

  • Natural Estándar
  • Estandar54-56 cm contorno
  • Liso-ondulado
  • Medio
  • A máquina
  • secador o plancha hasta 200 grados
  • 24 - 48 H
  • Mantenimiento profesional
  • Cuidado con productos para cabello natural
  • Mantenimiento en casa
  • Permite tinte
  • Permite aplicar productos químicos

Human Hair Wig EVA

€108.47 €144.63 -25%

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