The prosthesis Capilar TOP SMART 30HH Hair Natural with a long length, has a simple design that combined a small frontal area and Monofilament streak, together with the machine stitched throughout the rest of the piece. Lightness, ventilation and reduced volume to thicken head. Is held by clips to insert and remove.

Capillary System TOP SMART 30HH, all the above features, you can see yourself, because it is very small increase in the volume that brings you so you do not see rare because it is likely to do while you live with your fine hair, weak, no volume probably alopecia or shortage. We thought of you and know that TOP SMART 30HH is a very good start for start seeing you with more hair plus longer if this is your style .

natural hair is very special is lank slightly wavy and full-bodied, thick middle, so Take care of him and wash him with specific cosmetic below we show KIT MAINTENANCE NATURAL and the mask, shampoo ... nutrition intense for these products.

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COLOR MOSTRADO: El color de la modelo es Dark Blond
LONGITUD DE CABELLO: 30 centímetros aprox.
  • Natural Estándar
  • Liso-ondulado
  • Grueso
  • Colocación con clips y fija
  • 30cm
  • Medio
  • Hasta 15x20cm (grande)
  • 24 - 48 H
  • Mantenimiento en casa
  • Cuidado con productos  para cabello sintético y mezcla
  • Permite tinte
  • Permite aplicar productos químicos

Capillary prostheses TOP SMART 30HH natural hair | Delivery in 24-48 hours

€216.94 €289.26 -25%
  • Black
  • Dark Brown
  • Medium Brown
  • Light Brown
  • Dark Blond
  • Medium Blond
  • Light blonde
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