Now available with new larger format 80 ml

Cosmetic created with the latest technology and factors of special growth factor (VEGF and Follistatin) that promote the care of the hair and prevent its collapse as well as creating new follicles and add thickness to your existing hair

Key Benefits:.

* hair growth stronger

* Stops falling hair

* Power hair regeneration

from 10 days stops falling hair and from 30 days regenerates, incorporating an active healing is good for people with hair grafts or transplants.

growth factors are Liposomes and microencapsulated to increase efficiency and get results excellent. The Regenerating Serum is suitable for both men and women, with active ingredients from plants and combined with two growth factors that complement each other:

- GF VEGF nourishes the follicle and active vascularization. Stimulates cell survival
-.. GF Follistatin promove follicular development and is responsible for activating the anagen growth phase

Not hormonodependiente its main system performance, so it is for women and men alike.

PESO: Nuevo formato y tamaño 80ml
  • 24 - 48 H

Serum REGENERADOR Capillary with 80 ml Growth Factor

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